Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Goodbye here, but I'll see you again in cyberspace!

This post is about a month is the making.  I have lost that loving feeling for this blog, and with that I am going to stop blogging  . . . but only about all things Stepparent. 

See, as a blogger I am constantly looking at other blogs for content ideas, photo tips, etc .  . . and I realized that the blogs I fell in love with and come back to daily are women's lifestyle blogs.  I am a true girlie-girl and I am obsessed with all things fashion, beauty, d├ęcor, fitness, food, and health.  It hit me in a kind of ah-ha epiphany moment that I, too, want to blog about those types of lifestyle categories.  I want to share my newest green smoothie recipe!  I want to document and share the transformation of my ugly office into a uber-feminine-yet-preppy pink, white, and gold beautiful retreat!  I want to show you guys my outfit of the day!  I want to review beauty products!

You get the gist.  But all that doesn't fit here in this tightly-focused stepmom blog.  So, I'm branching out.  I have spoken to a couple of friends of mine who are on-board with writing for the new site that lives only in my mind right now, and I'm brainstorming the design.  It may be a few months until we lift off, but I'm excited already!

I am so proud of what I created here on this blog and the positive response I received.  I love every one of my readers, and I thank you for the opportunity to blog for you.  I'll always be connected to the Stepparent blogosphere and the empowering community of #twitterstepmoms. But, my creativity needs a place to play on-line and this blog is too focused for that. 

And with that I bid my fellow stepparents a temporary goodbye until we meet in cyberspace once more.  My email address is  Please email me and let me know that you want to be notified when I launch my new site, and I'll do so.

Goodbye, but certainly not forever! :)